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Making collaboration work

Corporate wellbeing is a critical component of sustaining corporate success

Leverage our clinical expertise


Increase awareness and dialogue about mental wellbeing in the workplace.


Tune in to the evolving needs of your employees and develop relevant wellbeing programs.


Implement initiatives that are aligned with the specific needs of your organization.

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We meet you at the point where Mental Health + Corporate Sustainability intersect

Levels of engagement

Level One

The Educator

We facilitate trainings on topics relevant to mental health workplace wellbeing.

Level Two

The Liaison

We provide the blueprint to create a culture of wellbeing. Ideal for the organization moving from education to implementation of wellbeing initiatives.

Level Three

The Coach

Partnership with an executive coach to optimize leadership performance and personal development while managing increased stress.

Level Four

The consultant

Provide leadership, structure, strategy and execution to integrate mental wellbeing into the fabric of your organizational culture.

Commit to your vision. Let us help you execute your plans.